We have a website! And other news...

This isn’t exactly news, I guess, since you’re looking at it right now, but it’s still a step! I definitely plan to add more to this site as we grow, but this will do for now to collect emails and show off a bit of what we’re working on.

This is a big week: I’m putting the finishing touches on the design for CRYSTALLO and I’ll be putting in an order for TWENTY copies (eeeeek!) Most of those will be going out to reviewers and previewers in advance of our Kickstarter campaign. I’ll be sure to share pictures when they’re all assembled and ready to go.

Right now the tentative date for the KS is May 1st, but I may move that up to mid-April if I can; May is a busier month for me so April would be better timing. Lots to do between now and then but every little step counts!

I really appreciate all the love and support I’ve already gotten throughout this process— thank you, every one of you!— and I can’t wait to get CRYSTALLO into lots more hands. Exciting times!